Full text of the open letter

Congress Party has
further complicated the State issue. We have been advocating time and again
that the Centre should first spell out its stand and the proposal should be put
forth for discussion before all stake holders and political parties before
taking a final decision which would be agreeable to all parties concerned.

But that was not
the case.

When Congress Party
and Government became entwined and announced that there would be no further
discussions, 16 MLAs of our Party have resigned on July 25 in protest against
the unilateral and authoritarian conduct of Congress.

The arrogant
attitude of Congress continued in CWC meeting and UPA meeting as well. Then
Seemandhra region erupted in rage and there were protests all over the region.
Their contention is that Congress has done injustice to Semmandhra for
political gains.

Congress made the
issue of the division of the state as its own party affair and the latest proof
is the AK Antony Committee coming on to the stage. Instead of appointing a
Government Committee where all stakeholders can present their respective
viewpoint, it has gone domestic by appointing the Antony Committee without
showing scant respect to the sentiments of the people.

Leader of
Opposition in Andhra Pradesh State Legislative Asssembly, N Chandrababu Naidu
has given his consent for the bifurcation like a blank cheque and affirmed that
there is no going back on the issue when AP NGOs approached him recently.

With Congress
behaving in a unilateral way and Main Opposition TDP on the other side thinking
in terms of only political gains are playing with the lives of Seemandhra

We are quitting to
our posts to express solidarity with the crores of people who have hit the
streets to fight the injustice meted out to them by the division of the state
without considering the consequences.

If members from the
Treasury and Opposition benches also show the sincerity we have shown in
quitting the LokSabha an Assembly membership, we hope the situation will
improve and their commitment to the cause will be proved.

Along with our
resignation letters, we place here under some of the important issues in this
open letter.

A solution that is
acceptable to all parties and no region is put to disadvantage was the crux of
our letter earlier written to the Central Government.

Instead of
addressing the issue with sincerity, it has come to such a pass that the
Congress wants to take the consent at gunpoint and in this predicament, fearing
injustice and left with no option, we put forth our plea.

If the central government feels that the division is inevitable
and there exists no other option, Telangana issue should not be looked at, in a
political perspective for the individual benefit of political parties and leaders.
This is a sensitive issue and should be handled like a father, who would handle
a family matter to do justice among the children and also ensuring that there
would no complications in the days to come.  If you cannot do ‘justice’, then you have no power to split the state.

Here, one should understand our plight. There is need to rewind
to the past. No region or district had the same features of the present day.
For example, some changes took place when Andhra Pradesh was formed on
linguistic grounds.

Madras was detached from Madras Presidency. Similarly
Bhadrachalam region of Madras Presidency, which was part of East Godavari
district, was transferred to Khammam district in Telangana region. Similarly,
Koraput and Raigarh, which were part of Madras Presidency, had gone to Odhisha.
 Bellary, which was part of Rayalaseema, was merged with Karnataka while
Gadwal and Alampur of Raichur district of Karnataka, have come to Mahbubnagar.

The four divisions of Hyderabad State viz., Aurangabad,
Gulbarga, Medak and Warangal had undergone changes as well.

Aurangabad was merged with Maharashtra, while Gulbarga and
Bellary became part of Karnataka. Parts of Raichur district were added to
Mahbubnagar. In the same way, Kodangal and Tandur of Gulbarga district became
part of Andhra Pradesh.

Nadigudem and Munagala regions of Nalgonda district were earlier
with Krishna district during the British rule. Paritala near Kanchikacherla of
Krishna district was part of the Nizam state.

After so many additions and subtractions the present state has
emerged and we have been calling the regions with different names with whatever
is left for us.

When we are looking at a solution, one should work out in a
manner that no region would be affected. There are two major issues at question
as of now:

1)   Water and 2) Hyderabad city.

As mentioned earlier, the issue should be handled with fatherly
love giving no scope for any disputes to arise in the future between the
brothers. Similary when it comes to sharing of water the Krishna waters after
meeting Maharashtra’s requirements flow from Karnataka’s Raichur through
erstwhile Karnataka’s Raichur region in Mahbubnagar i.e. through Gadwal and
Alampur into Srisailam dam, which is in Kurnool and thereafter reach Nagarjuna
Sagar dam.

Similarly, there
are four lift irrigation projects in Mahabubnagar district confined only to
Mahabubnagar dist., namely 1. Bheema 2. Nettempadu 3.Kalwakurthy. 4. KoilSagar.

A situation should not arise where we would be fighting over
water in future. If we look at the present sharing pattern of Krishna waters,
one point that would be very clear is, irrespective what the Tribunals or the
Courts say, we get the water only after the needs of Maharashtra are met and
only after Almatti and Narayanapur  dams in Karnataka are filled up. Be it
the drought or floods no one pays attention to the lower riparian states. This
has been a cry in the wilderness. The Chief Minister himself echoed same points
at a press meet. This clearly shows that the real intention of the Congress
party is to gain a few seats than to solve the problem.

Where will Srisailam and NagarjunaSagar dams get water from? The
proposed lower state from Kuppam to Ichchapuram (Srikakulam) will have no fresh
water other than the sea water.

Be it Godavari or Cauvery, we have been witnessing the same
tussle for water even between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu on the Cauvery issue
with constant dharnas and agitations every year. The same situation should not
arise in the proposed states where people have been living together for six
decades. Under these circumstances, if another state is carved out in between
without any changes to the boundaries, then what would be the fate of the lower
state that has been carved out?

River Godavari flows in four ways into the state.

1)    The
flow coming from Nasik is about 28 per cent entering through Nizamabad and
Adilabad districts.

2)    From
Pranahita it is 37 per cent entering through Karimnagar district.

3)    From
Indravathi it is 22 per cent entering through Karimnagar district.

4)    From
Sabari it is 13 per cent. entering through Khammam district.

This is the approximate flow of Gadavari in to our state. Here,
you speak about Polavaram being given national project status, but you please
tell us where the water is for Polavaram, if two states were to be carved out?
What about the compensation for the people of submerged areas. If these are
percentages of flood waters how would you justify fairness?
Moreover, the entire ‘Bhadrachalam division’ was
anyway a part of Godavari district in the Madras Presidency.

When it comes to Hyderabad, it is a city which has
been inhabited by people of all regions and religions since decades. It took
nearly 60 years to build the city after Madras was denied to these people 60
years ago. About 60% of the state revenue comes of Hyderabad. After completing
education, students of all regions look towards Hyderabad for their prospective

Madras was taken away from Madras Presidency then.
Now, we are asked to leave Hyderabad in the next 10 years, six decades after
the city has been built together. Hyderabad city has been built over a period
of 60 years but we are being asked to build a similar city in ten years

On one side, you say that ‘Seema Andhra’ people
would have to forego their right on Hyderabad and build a new capital in 10
years’ time. If this were to be the case, then could you please explain to us,
if we do not get this kind of money, obviously as Hyderabad generates Rs.
90,000 crores out of State’s annual budget of Rs. 1, 60,000 and odd crores.

Almost 55% of Andhra
 government's budget is generated in Hyderabad. Also, 65% of the
Union government's revenues from AP is collected from Hyderabad’s metropolitan

Overall, Hyderabad contributes Rs 40,000 crores
towards state taxes, Rs 35,000 crores towards central taxes and Rs 15,000
crores of local revenues. The total yield comes to a whopping Rs. 90,000

Similarly, the exports from Hyderabad metropolitan
region gross Rs 90,000 crores per annum, including IT and ITES exports of Rs
60,000 crores, and pharmaceuticals and engineering exports of Rs 30,000 crores.

If this money doesn’t come through or if this is
diverted to build another city then where would we have the money for our
ongoing Social Welfare Schemes such as Fee Reimbursement, ArogyaSree, Old Age
pensions, Re. 1/KG Rice and other social welfare schemes what are all in
existence and what will come up in future.

Never in the past, in our entire Indian history has
the Central government given the ‘State’s Capital’ to people who are wanting
others to go but this injustice is unfortunately the case here, with
absolutely, no clarity on the welfare and safety of the people and employees
who have been working in Hyderabad over these decades, even now you have a
situation where in the leaders are provoking people, yet no cases are booked
against and if this were to be the plight before the split then imagine the
situation of the people after the split.

Has it ever occurred to you that if Hyderabad were
to be the joint capital for 10 years in accordance to your proposal, Hyderabad
will have no connection with the lower part (Seemandhra), it’s like people
would have to travel through another state to get their job done or meet their
CM and if there arises any dispute, you are locked in an island kind of

Keeping in mind these important issues a proper
decision should be taken on the city during the division, ensuring that there
is no barrier to the funds and they continue perennially and assuring
confidence and safety to the people and employees. One should not forget that
these people also have the right to demand justice. Krishna Phase 1, 2 and 3
should be continued, to give water to Hyderabad in the same way as we are
giving drinking water to Chennai.

As per the talk doing the rounds, if the state were to be
divided horizontally then in that case how will the southern parts from Kuppam
to Ichchapuram (Srikakulam ) get fresh drinking water as there exists only sea

Other than the justification on water, it is of paramount
importance that the entire stretch of Nallamala forest is on one side of the
new state. The spread of Nallamala would be from Tirupati to Badwel crossing
Kadapa and Kurnool through Srisailam, Mahbubnagar and running through Achampeta
and into Nalgonda through Devarakonda. This forest stretch right in the middle
of the state is very important from security point of view as well.

Khammam also is in a similar situation, as the lower region of
Bhadrachalam including Aswaraopeta, Pinapaka, Yellendu and Kothagudem is an
extended forest.

Keeping all these in view, you would be
doing justice to all stake holders if the Krishna ayacut region from southern Nalgonda
parliament division, Mahbubnagar, Khammam till Indravathi are merged in to the
divided lower end state after looking into the interests of Hyderabad.

As per the talk doing the rounds, if the state were
to be divided horizontally then in that case how the southern parts from Kuppam
to Srikakulam will get fresh drinking water as there exists only sea water?

In situations such as these, one more surprising
rumour is also doing the rounds and that is ‘Rayala Telangana’. Here at this
juncture we would like to ask you a question. In the first place, why are you
splitting ‘Telangana’ from Andhra Pradesh? Your answer to this would be,
because of ‘Sentiment’. Then if sentiment is the yard stick, then wouldn’t
‘Rayalaseema’ people also have the same sentiment! How is it ‘right’ to split
Rayalaseema into two halves?

 Moreover, if ‘Srisailam dam’ is on one side of the
split and ‘Nagarjuna Sagar dam’ is on the other side of the split, then how
would ‘Nagarjuna Sagar dam’ get water? And isn’t is also a fact that the lower
portion, from Kuppam to Srikakulam the situation doesn’t change, as we are
still left with no fresh water other than the sea water.

How far is it justifiable, on your part to stoop
down to any such level for the sake of votes and seats? If you divide the
Krishna ayacut will it not lead to quarrels on day to day basis? Once the state
is divided all the existing dams will come under the purview of a Water
Regulatory Board. In such case only the dams that have original allocation will
get water. Subsequently, Srisailam and Nagarjuna Sagar dams too will come under
Water Regulatory Board authority. Once the inter state water board is set up,
the projects which are dependent on surplus water in Rayalaseema region,
Mahboobnagar, Nalgonda and Prakasam districts will not get even a trickle of
water. Tungabhadra Board stands live testimony for this kind of injustice. Our
state, though legally entitled, never gets it share of water from Tungabhadra.

In the light of these facts, what would be the
future of farmers of Krishna ayacut, in the event of division? In such a
situation the entire Krishna ayacut should either be on one side of the divide
or the status quo should be maintained. These questions found no answers. They
are making all efforts that the one part of the state would deprive of coal.
Though there are enough gas reserves, they deny allocating them. Over top of
it, how can one live without even fresh drinking water assured to the lower

Madras was taken away from Madras Presidency then.
Now, we are asked to distance away from Hyderabad, six decades after the city
has been built by all of us. There is fear, that we might be denied the coal.
Gas reserves are there but we are not given the gas supplies for our
requirements. How can we live if we are denied even the water?

Never in the past
did the Centre give a state capital to someone which would lead to forceful
exodus thereby causing gross injustice to people of one region. There is no
clarity on the welfare schemes or the safety of the people. The situation has
worsened with no clarity and all round confusion. Leaders are provoking people
and cases are being booked on agitators who are fight for justice. If this is
the situation now, imagine the anarchy that is to come after the split.

Has it ever
occurred to you that if Hyderabad were to be the joint capital for 10 years in
accordance to your proposal, Hyderabad will have no connection with the lower
part (Seemandhra), it’s like people would have to travel through another state
to get their job done or meet their CM and if there arises any dispute, you are
locked in an island kind of situation.

As you have the complete rights on the State as per
Article 3 of the Constitution, it is not fair on your part to play with the
future of the people of this state. If division is inevitable, what we ask is,
it should be done in a manner which is agreeable to all stake holders and no
injustice is meted out to anyone, and if you are unable to do the justice, then
you should leave the state, untouched. Please put yourself in position of the
people in the state and try to visualize why 5 crore people are agitated. Any
untoward decision would lead to our state becoming a man-made ‘desert’.

Ignoring such ramifications, without looking into
reality, your unilateral posturing has put our state in disarray and with the
hope that our resignations would change your thinking process, we submit our
resignations in protest.

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