In the footsteps of Chandrababu

  • Descendents of Chandrababu in corruption
  • Same attitude even after exposure
  • Bluffing as taught by Babu
  • Vijayawada: TDP leaders’ cruel land robbery in capital area is uncovered. Hundreds of acres were pocketed illegally. Ruling party leaders chose to follow Chandrababu not only in robbing but also in bluffing after being exposed.

    Dishonesty in capital area has been happening under the nose of Chandrababu Naidu. People were made to believe that capital would be set up in Nuzivid, as per Babu’s instructions. His close collaborators, meanwhile, managed to buy lands in Amaravathi area for extremely low prices. After the announcement of the capital some more ministers bought assigned lands in that area for low cost price. All these lands together amounted to more than 25000 acres. Ultimately, the capital city spread for 33000 acres and majority of the area surrounding it got into the hands of Babu’s binamis.

    Bluffing ministers

    After all the land procurement affairs were uncovered, the ruling party leaders met and discussed for one whole day. Once out of the meeting, they did not try to hide their illegal act when they spoke to the media. They did not make any attempt to say that they had not bought the lands or deceive the farmers. They in turn questioned what was wrong in buying lands if they could afford it. They also threatened that they would sue Sakshi TV, Sakshi newspaper and their high cadre employees for publishing such news.

    Walking on path laid by Babu

    Chandrababu also resorted to same kind of bluff work when he had been exposed in ‘note for vote’ case. He never told he was not guilty. He engaged in questioning how CM’s phone could be tapped for some time, remarking there was no security in Hyderabad for some time and declaring he would implement section 8 for some more time rather than condemning the accusations. Now the ministers whose corruption had been uncovered also chose to bluff just like him.

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