Farmers were totally betrayed

Hyderabad: The farmers get yet another shock. They were not only betrayed by Chandrababu’s false promise of Loan waiver but also became scapegoats by totally losing insurance compensation amount.

Every year the farmers usually take crop loans and gold loans. They repay these loans and renew them after harvesting the crops. If they fail to renew before due date 14% interest and also penalty charges are levied. IN 2014 elections when Chandrababu promised to waive off complete crop loans they voted for him. Also blindly believing him they did not renew their loans which pushed them into an abyss of debts.

As they did not renew the loans, their pass books were held up in the banks. So, insurance premium payment was not made. In the past Khareef, huge crop loss happened with which the farmers faced lot of troubles. Several lakhs of farmers were also declared as ineligible to claim insurance for non-payment of insurance premium. Chandrababu’s promise became a curse to farmers.  Without insurance compensation they will not have investment for next crop. The farmers are facing dire consequences of believing Chandrababu’s promise, with no loan waiver and no insurance compensation they are in very miserable situation.

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