Farmers insulted..!

Angry on distribution of cheap quality clothes..!
Farmers rejected the given clothes..!

Tulluru: The public is angry on the behavior of the ruling party in the capital region. Beginning with the land grabbing, every time Chandrababu is insulting the farmers. Recently, he insulted them in the name of Capital foundation ceremony in distributing clothes to the land givers for the Capital Construction.
Insulted by giving waste clothes

The farmers were shocked seeing the clothes distributed by the yellow team. The farmers of Tulluru Mandal expressed impatience and anger that the clothes distributed cannot be used even for drying the cookies. They were furious on the ministers announcing that the sarees distributed were each Rs.2000 whereas they actually would not cost even Rs.300 to Rs.500 each. The farmers in Anatavaram, Abburajupalem, Borupalem, Rayapudi and other villages have returned back the clothes to the CRDA officers.

Farmers Wrathful
Criticisms heard around that first two days just for the sake of it clothes and sweet boxes were distributed but after that no one paid attention to the farmers. In the beginning along with the invitation two passes for the ceremony were given but now only one was given. The farmers are furious saying that Chandrababu is belittling them falling in his VIP craziness. Even in the matter of menu for food items he is treating farmers in inferior manner by spending just Rs.100 to Rs.150 per plate meals whereas he is spending thousands for each VIP meal.
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