Fake claim again: No invite from UN, but Chandrababu says he was special invitee

Chandrababu is at it again. He is back to his bombast and big talk. Like he has done earlier, he bought an entry to an international conference by paying hefty amount and is claiming that he has been specially invited to the meet. Chandrababu Naidu and his cohorts are parroting that he is speaking at the main venue on organic farming.

But, the official website of the UN does not show the name of Chandrababu Naidu in the list of guest speakers.   His speech on sustainable agriculture and AP’s experiences is not in the main forum nor is it in the affiliated forums or organizations.  

The meet is being organized by the World Economic Forum and the Bloomberg company. It is not even remotely connected to the UN. It is not even a remote partner of the UN. So, this is a fake claim, according to those in the know of things. They say that his fixation for cheap popularity is actually bringing a bad name to the state.

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