Faith of 32 lakh depositors forfeited

Lokesh to own ‘Agrigold’ lands of value Rs.425 crore

 ‘Haailand’ is a good example to show that the ruling party leaders left no chance in robbing the lands with the mask of capital city construction. Agrigold company developed 85.13 acres of land by Kolkata-Chennai highway at Chinakakani of Mangalagiri mandal into ‘Haailand’ resort. Certain leaders in the ruling party had their eye on this property that value of which is Rs.4-4.5 crore per acre. In order to get their hands on it, they skipped it from capital city’s land acquisition programme. A closely related police official was brought into picture. He carried a proposal to the owner of Agrigold that the cases on him would be dismissed if he gave away these lands. This seemed to be a relief to the owners of Agrigold, who were already drowning in legal cases. To escape from the cases, benefit 32 lakhs of depositors was mortgaged.

Since TDP came into power 21 months ago, no arrest was made regarding Agrigold case. As a result, Lokesh could pocket the property of value Rs.425 crore. Police’s opinion is that Government’s pressure is the main reason behind the slow pace of CID inquiry in spite of the High Court’s orders. TDP leaders themselves are quoting this as an example for ‘Quid Pro Quo’.

 High Court’s orders ignored

Agrigold collected deposits of value Rs.6850 crore from 32 lakh people of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Odisha, Karnataka, Kerala, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra states and bought huge number of lands with that money. Not paying amount to the depositors long after the deadline was over raised the curtain for controversy. Hence, depositors and agents of all these states including Andhra Pradesh started to protest in November of 2014. In August 2015, victims filed a Public Interest Litigation to the High Court appealing for CBI investigation into this issue. Concerned about the possibility of CBI inquiry, the famous TDP leader involved in this passed orders making sure that it was carried out by the officials loyal to him. Thus all the sales and purchases of the 16000 acres of Agrigold properties came to halt.

Owing to the snail-paced CID inquiry, joint High Court intervened in August 2015 and ordered the investigation agency for the submission of details regarding Agrigold’s properties, directors and partners of Agrigold and its related organizations and their properties. At one particular occasion, joint High Court declared that the inquiry was not at all satisfactory and that the officer had to be changed failing which they would personally issue instructions regarding this. It also warned the Agrigold authorities that attempts to sell the properties without permission would be considered severely.

A fortnight ago, due to High Court’s fury, finally Agrigold’s owners were arrested. But ignoring the case’s investigation attempts are being made to protect them. TDP leaders are themselves astonished seeing that 32 lakh depositors’ benefits are being pawned for Haailand of worth Rs.200 crore. It is surprising how agriculture minister Prathipati Pullarao could buy 14 acres of Agrigild lands for meagre cost in spite of the court’s orders to freeze all such transactions.

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