Exactly 5000 objections!

The Chandrababu Government which is moving ahead to acquire land for Bandar Port is facing severe resistance. The 60 days’ time to submit any objections in this context was finished on 28th October 2015, the authorities announced that approximately 5000 objections were received.

The Chandrababu government has planned to grab the lands of the poor in the name of Bandar Port, they released a land acquisition notification on August 31st which was also the last date for the expiry of the ordinance. The government announced to submit objections if any. The government wanted to grab 24 villages in Bandar Mandal, 1 village in Pedana Mandal which is roughly 15000 acres of private lands and 15000 acres of assigned lands.

 When Chandrababu was in opposition he expressed his solidarity to the Bandar Port action committee leaders who were opposing land grabbing and he also publicly announced that 2500 acres is enough for the port. But when he came to power his words completely changed, he is planning to grab 30000 acres land.

The government is now thinking what to do with huge number of objections. They are planning for alternative ways to restrict the farmers from going to the courts and somehow grab the lands.

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