Everywhere Singapore..!

Government in Singapore chanting
Foreign Intervention in Governance too
Government submitted 150 years data

Hyderabad: The State Government is all goose bumps by hearing the word Singapore ! Trails to involve Singapore in everything is gradually taking place. Along with giving State Capital construction works to Singapore Chandrababu is now planning to involve it even in Governance.

Singapore in everything
Chandrababu vested all his con skills in giving away the Andhra Pradesh capital construction works to Singapore companies. As if there were no Engineers in the country he handed over the construction works to foreign companies in a secretive manner. The plot was all set to hand over crores of rupees worth lands to them. Despite several criticisms and comments the Government choose to act shamelessly on this.

Foreign Influence in Governance too!
The State Government has taken up ‘E-Pragati’ a governance project with proposed cost of Rs.2358 crores. The Citizens Charter and the Communication Systems are about to be aligned to the Government departments. Involving foreign companies is becoming controversial. With this, the Singapore companies are about to be intervene in governance too.

Government submitted Data
The government has already submitted 150 years of data pertaining to the state. The most valuable data being handed over to the private companies and that too foreign companies is becoming highly controversial and several objections were expressed. With this, the Singapore companies will get a hold on socio-economic conditions of the people of the state. Everywhere this act is being condemned.
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