Everything is left to Singapore, people are not bothered

Hyderabad: Complete state is enchanting about Singapore. No one is bothered about the people who are facing difficulties. While the price of daily commodities are going high, Naidu is enacting like the Emperor Nero busy with the transaction with Singapore.

 From two to three months, the prices of essential commodities are too high. Prices in different markets are as follows:

Tur dal – Rs.180

Urad dal – Rs. 165

Moong dal – Rs. 140

Tamarind – Rs. 130

Chilli  - Rs. 140

Groundnuts – Rs. 135

 State government is not taking any action while the essential commodities prices are exploding. It is not taking any measures to stabilize the prices. We can understand the situation that within two months, the rates have gone up by almost 40 per cent. Naidu is only bothered about Capital foundation and Singapore in this two months, and didn’t even rise his mouth for any other important thing.

 Will know if you check the price of onions

Onion price is more than 40 rupees since 2 months. But, the purchase of onion in the market of Kurnool from farmer is made at only 12 to 15 rupees. This means that the broker is manipulating and getting benefits. While thee brokers are grabbing Rs. 25 per kilo the government is looking the show.  What would be worse than this?


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