Environment At Stake For Babu

200 huge trees chopped for extension of 3km road

Guntur: Chopping trees is said to be
the prime reason for rise of summer temperatures. The Government is responsible
for raising awareness about growing more trees and preventing global warming.
But it was the culprit behind cutting down of 200 huge trees for the sake of
the Chief Minister’s tour. Officials of Guntur district ordered for hacking these
trees, owing to their loyalty to the CM.

The width of the 3km long road from
Gujjanagundla to Koritepadu in Guntur district was decided to be extended. But
this road had almost 200 huge trees on either side of it. The officials started
uprooting the trees from Gujjanagundla. When local people resistance the
anti-environmental act, they were told that the extension work of the road had
to happen before the CM came to visit Guntur. One third of the work was already
done. This kind of hacking happened for Chandrababu once back in 1999. If this
scenario goes on uninhibited, the ring road that had brought Guntur the name of
‘Green Guntur’ will soon remind a desert. This is how Chandrababu’s rule is.

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