Empty hand is shown to the victims of Cyclone

It has been promised and advertised well by Chandrababu Naidu to the
people, who lost their homes in the Hud- Hud cyclone that the Government
will reconstruct the place.

the houses are been destroyed, he mentioned that new houses will be
constructed in a meeting. He also stated that Government will support
for sure. He also said that we need funds for the reconstruction and he
could succeed in getting huge funds from people to support for the
Hud-Hud effected people. There were crores of rupees collected as funds
but still there is no where any initiation of the project and silence is
maintained well.

people of those areas relied on the words of the Government and
submitted innumerable number of applications to support them and many
contributed funds. They all had hoped that one or the other day the
Government will do it. However, when overall there was a loss of 1 lakh
34 thousand houses destroyed, only 10 thousand houses are planned to be
constructed and funds are released only for that. For the remaining one
lakh 24 thousand families the Government is showing empty hands. Then to
smoothly move away for this planning is done so that all the details of
welfare will be online. Overall 90% of the families are left out by
Chandrababu Government, which is only possible by that party is the
opinion of all.

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