Employees At Fury Towards The Yellow Media

Hyderabad: Government employees are falling victim to the secret
agreement made by Chandrababu, the culprit in Note for Vote case. Chandrababu’s
ordering them to come to Amaravathi at once has become a cause of their
concern. Yellow media started to write against them for raising voice
expressing concern.

Secretariat employees’ association has assembled in the H-block
of the secretariat. President of Secretariat’s gazetted officers’ association,
Krishnaiah and association leaders Venkatrami Reddy, Baburao Saheb and others
took part in the meeting.

Certain employees spoke on the occasion and stated that thy had
no objection to go to Amaravathi but raised concern about commanding them to
reach Amaravthi by the 27th of this month without giving a road map
first. They demanded announcement of road map and shifting employees in phases.
They cautioned the Government that they would declare next action plan of
theirs, in case the Government had not given clarity by Monday on the shifting.

Primarily the employees are discussing the agreement made by
Chandrababu in the dark with KCR. They are expressing displeasure towards inappropriately
harassing them due to his being caught in Note for Vote case and hiding in

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