Don't you care about the work that is useful to people?

The centre gave green signal to12 organizations listed in the bifurcation Act
Chandrababu is continue wrong doings
Inexhaustible passion for private Organizations.  

Hyderabad: The government is no way concerned about any work which is helpful to people. Not even 10% of focus is laid on this when compared to the Pattiseema scheme and Capital formation done by Singapore team. Though the centre gave green signal to12 organizations listed in the bifurcation Act, the State government has been poorly neglecting he place. As a part of the   act, the centre gave approval for the making educational institutions available in Andhra Padesh. However, the State Government is no way bothered about the situations. Due to this the Prestigious national institutions are slowly becoming unavailable to students.

Centre shows its willingness:
During partition, the centre insisted for few Centre level management institutions in Andhra Pradesh. Various national level institutions were proposed by the Centre in different places such as, IIM at vizag, Indian Tribal Institute at vizianagaram,  Kakinada Petroleum University, NIIT of Tadepalli gudem, IIT & IISR at  Tirupati, Anantapur Central University, National Institute of excise Academy, Kurnool IIT, AIIMS University of Agriculture and Disaster Management Institute in the capital region. While the centre came up with this proposal, it asked the state to allocate land for this.  

Negligible attitude on allocation:
The state Government has allocated land for only three organizations in the past 15 months. 300 acres to IIM Visakha, 400 acres to Tirupati IIT, 434 acres to IISR.  Though lands were allocated to AIIMS and Customs Academy they have been subject to controversy. There was a proposal to allocate land to NIDM, near Vijayawada, as State government has not allocated land there was a proposal to formally move it to Delhi.  

Inclination of Government towards Private Organizations:
On one hand, the Government is not supporting the creation of prestigious national institutions while on the other hand it is able to provide land for private Organizations. Thousand acres of land is given to Singapore companies on the name of Capital formation. Whatever the land proposed for capital formation, is given to them, while it is to be noted that the Government is ignoring the national organizations.

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