Disregard for High Court’s Intervention

  • When
    will the Tribes Advisory Council be formed?
  • Chandrababu’s
    cunning formula
  • High Court’s response to YSRCP MLAs’ complaint

Criticism is rising towards TDP
Government’s delay in forming Tribes Advisory Council. It is clear that this
delay is just because Chandrababu does not want to include YSRCP MLAs in the
committee. Recently, AP High Court intervened in this matter.

for Advisory Council

of India has given prominence to the safety, security and welfare of tribal
people. The constitution veterans have decided that tribal people have to
represent the social class while procedures relevant to them are being
finalized, in order to preserve their naturally-acquired rights. The governor
is given a special duty pertaining to this and a Tribes Advisory Council is supposed
to assist him with its advices. So when the Government makes any procedural decisions
regarding tribal people, this council advises the Governor on those particular

Problem with Representation

the Tribes Advisory Council, two-thirds of the members have to be MLA representatives.
They have to be tribal MLAs. Actually the state has 7 tribal MLAs, among whom 6
are from YSRCP.  The only TDP tribal MLA
is from Polavaram constituency and he is being harassed by the local MP. It is
heard that the MLA is dissatisfied due to TDP authority’s support to the MP. Ultimately
as 90% of the tribal MLAs of AP are from YSRCP, naturally the Tribes Advisory
Council will have a majority of YSRCP members. This is the cause of soreness
for Chandrababu. Not willing to see the domination of YSRCP anywhere,
Chandrababu went to an extent where he got ready to deprive the tribal people
of their rights bestowed by the constitution. Hence the Government is ignoring
the formation of the council.

to the Court

YSRCP has repeatedly appealed for the formation of the
council. As the Government failed to care, YSRCP has reported to Governor
Narasimhan. Finally it has approached the High Court. Tribal MLAs of the party
Giddi Eshwari, Pamula Pushpa Srivani, Rajanna Dora, Sarveswar Rao, Kalavathi
and Vantala Rajeswari filed a petition in the High Court. The High Court has
taken this petition up and sent notices to the defendants, the Governor’s secretary
and the tribal welfare department’s general secretary. It is to be seen if
Chandrababu’s Government will react at least now or curtains will be raised for
yet another drama.

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