Destruction Story Written For The Dragon

  • All for the sake of China?
  • Demolition in the name of development
  • Tens of temples and thousands of houses demolished
  • The secret behind temporary and chaotic works?
  • Tiles at ghats already being damaged

Amaravathi: Even before the 12-day pushkaram ritual could end, the poor quality of the work done for the ritual is surfacing itself. The tiles stuck at Padmavathi Ghat and Krishnaveni Ghat are coming off already, proving to be of low quality. Durga Ghat, Ibrahimpatnam Ferry Ghat and Punnami Ghat were left with concrete surface in the first place. The tiles are coming off sue to the poor quality of work. It is doubted that the Government is upto something with and that it behind this low quality of work.
It is being said that River Front Tourism made a plan in advance and paved a smooth way for itself in the light of pushkarams. Not wanting to pose hindrance for river front tourism behind not completely developing ghats for pushkarams.
Pushkarams' sentiment to avoid resistance
The Government announced to offer importance to river front tourism in Krishna coast. But then it doubted it resistance would be drawn. Hence, it was decided to exploit the sentiment of pushkarams. In the name of facilities, development and road laying, curtains were raised for destruction. Almost 2,500 houses in Vijayawada, Ibrahimpatnam of Krishna district and Seetanagaram of Guntur district along Krishna banks were demolished in the name of development. More than 40 temples were brought down. Statues of Mahatma Gandhi in Ibrahimpatnam and YS Rajasekhar Reddy in Vijayawada were removed. Amidst resistance from people, the statue of TVS Chalapathi Rao, the former municipal chairman was also brought down. All these atrocities were done under the mask of pushkaram work.
Now after pushkarams are over, the Krishna River Front Tourism is planned to be handed over to China. In fact it is noteworthy that the design for the construction of pushkar ghats also has been done by a Chinese company. The work has also been supervised by the companies' representatives. TDP is ultimately sketching to give away hundreds of crores of rupees to Chinese contractors and companies.

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