Delhi Tour Is A Success

  • Positive response to YSRCP’s Tour
  • Party leaders meet the national
  • Delhi tour under the leadership of
    YSRCP president YS Jagan
  • YSRCP MPs, MLAs and MLCs tour in

New Delhi: The
tour of the YSRCP representatives in New Delhi led by the leader of opposition
and YSRCP president YS Jagan was a grand success. They could raise discussion at
national level about the corruptive activities of CM Chandrababu Naidu. Mainly,
the book published by YSRCP regarding TDP Government’s unlawful activities
titled ‘Chandrababu-Emperor of Corruption’ caught the attention of the leaders
and the media.

Meeting national leaders

YSRCP MPs, MLAs and MLCs toured in New Delhi
led by YS Jagan. The huge team of representatives of the principal opposition
party of a principal state like AP planning to meet national leaders caught
interest. The team met the leaders of important political parties like CPM,
CPI, NCP and JDU. They explained to them how Chandrababu had earned lakhs of
crores of rupees through unlawful ways and used them for undemocratically
buying MLAs and MPs of opposition YSRCP. They described how party defection was
being unfairly encouraged.

Complaint to the cabinet ministers

As the president of India was abroad and the
Prime Minister was caught up with other schedule, the YSRCP leaders met senior
cabinet ministers Rajnath Singh and Arun Jaitley. They narrated the corruption
story of Chandrababu to the ministers and presented pertaining proofs. They
requested for CBI inquiry on Chandrababu’s corruption. They cautioned about the
bad consequences that would result if corruption was not prevented.

Proposal for Election Commission

YSRCP made a few proposals to the Election
Commission regarding election reforms. It suggested that the authority to take
action against party defectors should be given to the Election Commission
rather than the speaker. It has demanded putting ban on the parties that failed
to realise the important promises made in their election manifesto in the next elections.
It also requested for holding elections in all the Telugu-speaking areas at the
same time.

Sensational response for the book

YSRCP published a book on the corruption committed
by Chandrababu, titled ‘Chandrababu-Emperor of Corruption’. The book clearly
describes all his unlawful activities along with supporting scanned documents
and GO copies. In the 128-page book, graphs, tables and charts illustrate the
numbers very clearly. When YSRCP leaders handed over copies of this book to the
national leaders, they took keen interest in the book and also asked further

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