Dalit farmers up in arms against Chandrababu

The Dalit farmers cultivating in the assigned riverine islands are up in arms. They are accusing the TDP Government in Andhra Pradesh of coercing them and browbeating them into submission. They said they are being subjected to cruelties and are being paraded across the city. 

They are being put behind the bars and are being treated as if they are terrorists. The Dalit farmers said that the Government was behaving with them in a vengeful manner.

They said that they were arrested when they raised their issues at the Rachabnda. They said they have been demanding the abrogation of 2013 land acquisition act nd GO No 41. Several ministers are justifying the paltry packages being given to the Dalit farmers. “ All we are asking is a just packge. We want to tell the government that coercive policies do not last long. We will show what are capable of at the time of the elections,” they warned.  
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