Dadagiri Of Kodela's Son

  • Railway labourers and employees attacked
  • Sheds installed at work sites demolished atrociously
  • Three lorries and one car destroyed
  • Driver and superviser kidnapped
  • Workers warned about not offering percentage
  • Warning to create arson if the place is not vacated


Guntur: Kodela Sivarama Krishna, son of AP assembly speaker Kodela Siva Prasad Rao, is committing attacks and atrocities on innocent people, masked by power. Goons of ruling party attacked railway labourers and employees and warned them for not seeking 'Pedababu' Sivarama Krishna's permission before starting their work. This incident of brutal attack created havoc in Guntur district.
This is an illustration to say how atrociously TDP goons are attacking people and insisting that Sivarama Krishna's permission is necessary to carry out their duties.
Around 35 of Sivarama Krishna's followers reached the work site on Nadikudi-Srikalahasthi route near Pedanemalipuri at Rajupakem mandal of Guntur district. They attacked the workers, the supervisors and the employees of railway and destroyed the sheds installed for their stay, tipper vehicles and officials' vehicles.
They abducted a driver and a site supervisor, scaring the workers and the railway employees who ran around with fear. With this came into light the warnings the railway contractors had earlier received from Kodela's son about commencing their work without offering him his share of money. After his warning attacks failed to get the employees under control two months back, he ordered for another attack on Sunday. Here are the victims' reports about the incident.

Attacked with rods and logs
Thirty five assailants reached the site on Sunday afternoon on 3 cars and a few two-wheelers. They held attacks with logs and rods. They warned the workers to immediately stop working in order to save their lives. The sheds where labourers lived were pulled down. They destroyed the glasses of three tippers and a Bolero belonging to the railways. They beat up driver Krishna and supervisor Md.Usman and dragged them into their vehicles and abducted them. They beat up all the labourers severely. Hardly could they come out of the fear when they reported this to railway department. The injured were joined in a private hospital at Piduguralla. The railway personnel commented that it was atrocious for local leaders to demand money for the central Government projects.

Sheds will be put on fire if not vacated
The assailants used rocks and iron rods to threaten the workers into vacating their sheds within ten minutes. They warned that they would put them on fire otherwise. They used foul language to caution the workers against working without seeking permission from their leaders.
-G.Ravi Kumar, Site engineer and 
B.Praveen Kumar, Site supervisor

 It will be put to flames if not vacated
The assailants screamed at the workers that they had to inform the local ruling party leaders, sarpanchs, MPTCs and MPPs before commencing their work. Questioning how they could go against their leader, they destroyed the vehicles and warned them to vacate within minutes.
-G.Ramireddy, Site supervisor
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