Corruption In Recruitment of Hospital Personnel

  • TDP leaders control the General Hospital
  • Special quota for minister, MP and two MLAs
  • Rs.30,000 collected for every post

Ananthapuram: Control of TDP leaders on the General Hospital of
Ananthapuram is going on uninhibited. Recruitment of security personnel and
sanitation personnel has shown a new way of income for the leaders. Rs.30,000
is being collected for each post with the help of the TDP leaders. Agile agency
of Hyderabad used to conduct the recruitment of these posts in the medical
college and the adjoint general hospital of Ananthapuram. Recently it has been transferred
to Jai Balaji security services of Tirupati, which took charge from the first week
of this month.

Two security guards for every 30 beds in each shift need to be
appointed as it is a 500-bed hospital. So 74 guards are required. 26 positions
were filled by the previous agency and the new agency had fill the rest of
them. This situation gave way to corruption. Ruling party leaders gave
ultimatum to the agency for appointing the candidates of their choice. The
brother of a minister sent applications of 20 candidates. A TDP MLA in
prominent position and another MLA ordered for their candidates to be taken in.

The followers of an MP, upon knowing this, decided to step in
too. They got into a dispute regarding the issue of recruitment and also
threatened a doctor. The representative of the recruiting agency tried to calm
them down but they warned him and reserved four posts for their candidates.
They also cautioned the hospital personnel that the MP would keep visiting the
hospital thereafter.

The followers of the MP started their own style of collection
business. They started collecting Rs.20,000-Rs.30,000 for each post. Usually
the security personnel post requires X std. certificate with good physical
fitness and height, but these criteria were kept aside while filling the posts.
Moreover, the applications reached the agency directly from the recommending

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