Control your tongue Devineni..!

We shall settle this in front of farmers..!

Vijayawada: The YSRCP leader Jogi Ramesh criticized Chandrababu and Devineni Uma, he said that the Irrigation Minster Uma was an unfit minister who is unable to give water to the delta farmers being a Krishna District resident. It is quite idiotic that this unfit minister is promising that he will make Rayalaseema a land of jewels. They are not capable of giving cultivation water to the farmers or a glass of drinking water but how dare they make accusations on Y.S.Jagan, he fired.

Control your tongue

Jogi Ramesh challenged Devineni Uma to come to Krishna delta and talk to him if he has any guts. It will be proven there whom the farmers will slap. You did crores of rupees corruption in Pattiseema and how dare you advise Y.S.Jagan to cleanse sins. He challenged Uma to come in front of the farmers to see whose sins will be cleansed. Jogi Ramesh warned Uma to control his tongue.

Unfit Leaders

Jogi Ramesh said that Chandrababu is unable to answer his own MLA Venkatrao who threatened that he will resign if water is not given, such a shameless leaders this Chandrababu & Devineni Uma. It is shameless that all the ministers are talking about making them puppets and giving power to Lokesh. He said that Modi from Delhi and Chandrababu from Kuppam brought soil and stuffed it in the mouth of public, wasting crores of rupees for foundation ceremony.

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