The Committees Are Not There For A Good Reason

  • Janmabhoomi
    committees’ unruly behaviour in villages
  • Yellow
    leaders acting at their will
  • No
    concern for systems or ethics

Hyderabad:Complaints against Janmabhoomi committees are mounting
in various areas of the state. Slaughtering the public-elected administration systems
is being criticized all over. Leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan
is demanding the immediate cancellation of the committees that are suppressing
the systems.

Local organizations are
always preferred when it comes to answering the immediate needs of people in
villages. Primarily, the villages, sarpanchs play a crucial role in
identifyting the right benefactors during the implementation of welfare
schemes. But pushing aside the sarpanchs and panchayatis are being set aside by
the Janmabhoomi committees, mocking the system of constitution.

committees have been established in every village with leaders of TDP, with the
name of transparency. For the issue or the cancellation of ration cards or
pension or funds for the backward classes in villages, these committees are exhibiting
control. In simple words, anything to happen in the villages has to happen
according to the will of the committees. Otherwise regulations and Government
systems will be ignored.

High Court has also slammed the atrocious behaviour of Janmabhoomi committees. It
has condemned the committees for removing the names of benefactors in pension
schemes. Opposition YSRCP has been fighting against the committees for a long
time now. Recently leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan has
demanded for the cancellation of the committees. He explained the affects of
the committees on the panchayati system. It is to be seen if Chandrababu’s
Government would lend an ear to this issue.

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