Chandrababu’s Tours Trouble Many

  • Common man at trouble due to CM’s
  • Leaders forcing common people to
    join tours
  • Leaders at profit

CM Chandrababu Naidu’s tours are pushing common people of the
state into discomfort, while filling the pockets of leaders.

Consecutive tours

Since being caught in ‘Note for vote’
case, Chandrababu is nowhere to be seen in Hyderabad. He is busy organising
conferences in Vijayawada or touring around the districts. Hence almost 3-4
days of every week are being spent in tours. Though it is Chandrababu who is
interested in tours, common people are facing discomfort. Pensioners are being
principally targeted and people are being gathered. TDP leaders, under the mask
of Janmabhoomi committees, are threatening them that their pensions and ration
cards would be cancelled if they did not attend the meetings during the tour.
Common people are being scared of this. On the other hand, school buses are
being forcibly taken and used. The children have to remain in the schools till
the buses come back. Some schools have no option but to declare the day off.

leaders jump with joy

Chandrababu’s tour is profiting TDP leaders.
All his tours are being fixed in short notice. So the arrangements for these
tours are being done employing nomination system. As there is no official
documentation for this, the TDP leaders are robbing as much as they can. Arrangement
of dais, lights, microphones, decoration, ACs, coolers, transportation, water
supply and food supply are being taken care of by the yellow leaders, thereby
filling their pockets.

Officials at jeopardy

Revenue officers are getting fed up with
Chandrababu’s tours. They are not able to concentrate on their administrative
duties. Every time Babu tours, they have to spend 5-6 days before the tour for
arrangements and 1-2 days after the tour for reviewing it. Before the month
ends, it is already time for another tour. Due to this the officers are getting

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