Chandrababu’s secret….

true color exposed..!

With the YSRCP Chief & opposition leader Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy condemning the anti-people governance Chandrababu felt humiliation and started planning plots to divert public attention. He did not implement any of his election promises but always shamelessly planning to escape with some or the other bluff.

Completely fooled the public
It is well known to the readers how Chandrababu with his evil con games obstructed the indefinite hunger strike of Y.S.Jagan who was fighting incessantly to achieve Special Status to the state. The public has realized that the foundation hype is to divert public attention from special status. Chandrababu asked water and soil for Amaravati but completely fooled the people; the public is unable to tolerate this treachery. The yellow party men boasted that the Prime Minister is coming and that he will announce several things, the public expected a lot but all their expectations gone fruitless.

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