Chandrababu's Promises Proven Fake

Hyderabad: CM Chandrababu Naidu's promises are apparently always fake. Recent records of the Government have also proven the same.

Chandrababu came into power by making a number of promises to the people prior to elections. But he has ignored all of them after coming into power, including waiver of farmers' loans, waiver of loans of DWCRA women, jobs for the unemployed, stipend for the jobless, good quality houses for the poor and special status for the state.

Chandrababu is continuing in the same route of deception even now. He has been playing various gimmicks to bluff people at every chance. Government has been maintaining records of the promises being made by the CM and their implementation. In a recent collectors' conference these records have been uncovered with respect to individual districts.

In a year time, Chandrababu made 681 promises, as per those records. Among them, 112 have been implemented. The people are under an impression that they also would be incomplete. Even if they are complete, only 16.45% of the promises are recorded as having been implemented. The rest 83% of the promises are apparently fake. This is how Chandrababu's governance is going on!

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