Chandrababu's Cunning Politics

  • Cunning attempts for Rajya Sabha seat
  • Trials to nominate a fourth candidate
  • Chandrababu fixes targets for ministers, ignoring governance
  • Discussions with YSRCP defectors

Hyderabad: Chandrababu, who keeps boasting about his ethics, has once again exposed his true colours. He is resorting to degraded politics in order to win a Rajya Sabha seat. In spite of not having enough power, he is trying to nominate a fourth candidate.

Notification has been released for election of four MPs for Rajya Sabha from AP assembly. This election will happen through voting based on proportional representation. MLAs will have to cast their first vote, second vote, third vote and fourth vote. But according to standard values, if 36 members suggest their first vote to a person, his victory is certain.

TDP has 102 MLAs. To make three nominees win, they need 108 members. hence, in order for this happen, they will have to ask for the support of two other members and 4 of BJP MLAs. This will enable the win of 3 nominees. Technically, opposition YSRCP has 67 MLAs, but 17 of them migrated to the ruling party, bending to enticement in the form of money and political positions. Still with the 50 MLAs left, YSRCP can certainly win the fourth place.

Chandrababu, who is notorious for deceptive and degraded politics, is following the same style. In spite of having strength enough for only 3 candidates, he has now started making attempts for nominating a fourth one. After spending crores of rupees in MLC elections of Telangana and having been caught in Note for Vote case in Telangana, he has apparently not reformed.

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