Chandrababu's Corruption Journey

  • Corruption spreading from Amaravathi to Singapore
  • TDP leaders caught in IT raids
  • Demonetisation also exploited for earning
Chandrababu's corruption is as omnipresent as the Almighty. Spreading to not only the neighbouring states of AP, but also to intercontinental areas, the corruption of Chandrababu and other TDP leaders is supported by power. While the legal system only seems to be protecting them, people are aghast seeing the TDP corruption stories being exposed one after the other.

Training in deception
TDP is so disciplined as a party, that its leaders and activists follow the footsteps of their chief even in corruption. Following his instructions to be 'visionary' and to avail themselves of crisis situations and thanks to the frequent training sessions on how to rob the state better and how to bluff people, they are 'going forward', as Babu says. The pretense of the TDP leaders in the matter of Polavaram being sanctioned funds by shaking hands, hugging one another and cutting cakes seemed as if Polavaram project is completed. While the project needs Rs.40,000 crore to be completed, the funds in hand are only Rs.2,000 crore. Still TDP leaders managed to picture as if the job is done.

Corruption frogs coming to light
  • As a Telugu proverb goes, all frogs will come to light if lake is left to dry. Due to demonetisation, the corruption stories of many TDP leaders are seeing light. The IT raids held on Tamilnadu CS, Rammohan Rao's residence exposed a huge amount of black money. Rammohan Rao is the relative of Badrinath, the brother of former TDP leader Adikesavula Naidu. His mother also worked as the Sarpanch of Bitragunta village of Bitragunta mandal in Prakasam district. This explains what kind of relations Rammohan Rao has with TDP.
  • The raids held on TTD board member Sekhar Reddy's house uncovered huge number of new currency notes and KGs of gold. Sekhar Reddy had been appointed specially by Chandrababu as board member.
  • The raids held on Vaidehi hospital of Bengaluru also led to the exposure of big amount of money. The hospital is being held by the daughter of TDP MLA DK Satyaprabha.
  • Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy, senior TDP leader and MLC, is another noteworthy person. Claiming to be a pauper, he has assets in countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. YSRCP's president of Nellore district, Kakani Govardhan Reddy, has recently exposed the details of his secretly-earned assets. Chandrababu's support and aid are sure to have helped Somireddy's income. The whole state doubts that Somireddy is, in fact, the benami of Chandrababu himself.
  • TDP MLA from Guntur district, Modugula Venugopal Reddy's house also gave huge amount of money out when raided by IT department.
Babu exploits demonetisation too
Babu knows how to exploit a crisis situation better than anybody else. While the whole country has lost its stability due to Modi's announcement of demonetisation, Chandrababu seems to be least bothered. Moreover, he has stated that he is untouched by the issue, as the Government will take care of everything. He sold his Heritage company to Future group just two days before the announcement of demonetisation. While people are facing trouble by standing in the lines in front of banks and ATMs, he declared that he would distribute buttermilk to them, just like he told in the last summer to benefit his Heritage by releasing a GO for Rs.39 crore, with Rs.3 crore per constituency.
Now, the corruption accounts of Chandrababu and his coterie are coming out. It is needless to talk about the corruption going on under the mask of capital city construction. We can't forget how GOs were released for robbery in the name of Swiss Challenge, much to the resistance from people's organisations and courts. The wings of TDP corruption have thus spread from Amaravathi to countries like Singapore, via Chennai and Bengaluru. 
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