Chandrababu Uses Mahanadu A Venue To Spread 'Goebbels '

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has used the party’s annual conclave - Mahanadu to spread Goebbels. He addressed for more than one hour every day in three daymeeting targeting others instead of explaining his government's achievements. 

In addition,  the TDP Chief deputed four to five of his party leaders to speak in the same line he spoke. Chandrababu confined to criticising BJP all through the party program.  Before snapping ties with BJP, he targeted AICC President Rahul Gandhi and also Sonia Gandhi on bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh.  After pulled out of BJP led NDA,  the TDP leader was slowly moving close with Congress. 

The Dharma Porata Deekshas conducted by Chandrababu were only stage managed as they failed to draw any results. The issue of special package to North Coastal Andhra has not been mentioned in the Mahanadu.  The long demand for new Railway zone was also missing in the party meeting. 

Lokesh confined to make statements which do not have any documentary evidences. The opposition parties have  demanding to disclose the names of one lakh youth who got jobs.  To cover up the government's failure,  the CM and his son Lokesh indulged in mudslinging on opposition whenever the parties questioned. 
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