Chandrababu Is Surviving under CC Cameras

The cash for vote scam was still haunting Chandrababu Naidu who was caught red handed along with TDP Telnagana leader A Revanth Reddy two years ago.

On the instructions of Chief Minister, the government installed CC cameras in every nook and corner in the Secretariat and monitoring the movements of every employee in the office premises. Micro cameras were also installed on desk tops to monitor the activities of  every worker in the computer sections in the secretariat.

Office cabins, canteens and even the toilet entrances were brought under electronic surveillance on the pretext of safety and security of the Secretariat. In the reality, the movements of  every employee was under scrutiny everyday.  It was known fact that Chandrababu was not employee friendly during his regime in the undivided Andhra and also in the residuary state of AP.    

Chandrababu has developed a fear after the cash for vote scam came to light in the Telangana state.  He has been suspecting everyone ever since he was caught speaking in a telephonic conversation in the scam. Leaders wondered why the TDP Chief did not take any  action against  Revanth Reddy who made wild allegations against AP minister before leaving Telugu Desam.  Chandrababu always claimed his party was a disciplined organization but  Revanth has gone scott free.
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