Chandrababu should answer for these questions

Chandrababu Naidu could not answer the straight forward questions asked by the Leader of the Opposition, YS Jagan. YS Jagan initiated these questions during assembly sessions and press meet after session of last day. The synopsis of his speeches is given here:
  • Whether or not Naidu is involved in the Cash for vote deal?
  • Did Naidu speak to Stephen on Phone or not?
  • When the name of Babu is mentioned in the charge sheet for almost 22 times why is Babu not opening his mouth?
  • TDP has to space their opinion on the special status
  • State the reason for not considering Pattiseema keeping Polavaram aside.
  • How can Rayalaseema get water by Pattiseema?
  • Why didn’t they include Rayalaseema in GO No.1?
  • The TDP government promised that they will give job for unemployed youth. While he came to power, why couldn’t the promised implemented?
  • If the government couldn’t give the job, why is the offer of unemployment allowance of Rs 2,000 is not implemented?
  • How about the promise made about making the outsourced employees as
  • What happened to the plan of increasing the age limit for unemployed? 
YS Jagan demanded answers for all these questions from Naidu.
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