Chandrababu Is Publicty Monger and Copycat

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister  N Chandrababu Naidu is synonymous to copying other parties programmes and exploitation of  the media for political gains. In a fresh,  the CM launched 'Inti Intiki TDP' programme  by copying the YSR COngress party's  'YSR Family'  campaign to strengthen the party cadre and highlight the ruling TDP government's failure.  

YSR Congress party launched YSR family programme across the state on Monday.  To gain publicity more in the media , Chandrababu's party is taking up door to door TDP..  Earlier also,  the ruling party launched Chaitanya Yatras soon after the YSR Congress taken up ' Gadapa Gadapaku YSR Congress.'

 Chandrababu's government  was already exposed for copying the Telangana state government's website on Ease Of Doing Business recently. The government stole the information  from Telangnaa website and posted the same on Andhra website which already brought disrepute to Andhra at national level. 

Political parties already ridiculed Chandrababu claim that his was the first government taken up liver linking programme in the country. In fact, Gujarat was the first state introduced the scheme in the country. 

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