Chandrababu, a political horse trader!

There are many similarities between businessmen and Chandrababu Naidu. Close to the traders who  calculates profits, Chandrababu has been exploiting the political profession he pursued for the last four decades only for his selfish gains.  
Leaving people's welfare and the residuary state of Andhra Pradesh interests into the lurch, Chandrababu was  safeguarding his political career with selfish motives. He has been rallying behind BJP led NDA and extended support to the Centre's decisions mainly demonetization and GST which invited huge public wrath from all over the country. 

Chandrababu also extolled the union government for announcing special package in lieu of special status.  He was the lone leader from Andhra Pradesh who supported special package till recently. It is conspicuous that the he was extending  unconditional support to NDA fearing the centre will target him in the cash for vote scam that is pending in the courts. 

Sensing his political career will be at stake after YSR Congress Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy set the deadline to the centre on special status,  Chandrababu has taken u turn on his earlier support to special package and taken up special status issue.  

Chandrababu's true political businessman ship was exposed when he announced his party support to no confidence motion moved by YSR Congress Party against centre in the Parliament. Within hours,  he again took U turn and moved no trust motion. His opportunistic political moves also came to light when his two leaders quit the cabinet but continued as NDA partner. On the insistence of YSR Congress Party, Chandrababu pullout out of NDA but failed to fight for special status.

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