Chandrababu Misuses Central Schemes

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has been cheating Andhra Pradesh people by claiming the centrally sponsored programmes as his own government's schemes. Besides this, he failed utterly in fulfilling the promises made to Andhra people.  

The distribution of LED bulbs to poor in the villages had been launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi two years ago. Chandrababu claimed his government launched the scheme and announced the distribution of 27 lakh bulbs by October 2. Practically,  only one district out of 13 was covered under the scheme. 

The construction of toilets,  road development with central funds,  Polavaram and solid waste development were also shown as his government schemes.  
Apart from misleading people on the schemes, Chandrababu also failed to implement the promises and own programs launched by his government in the state. Housing Scheme was yet to take off and pensions were not reached to all eligible.  The promise of according ST status to fishermen community was also not realised. 

The chief minister has also been making false claims on the development of all districts and diverted central funds for other purposes
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