Chandrababu Makes Tall Claims, Fails To Hold Panchayat Elections

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has made several tall claims on the performance of his government which includes 80 per cent population are happy in his rule, taken up construction of world class Amaravathi capital,  farmers get rid of debt crisis and succeeded in inviting huge investments to Andhra for the establishment of industries.  The CM also claimed he addressed water crisis in Rayalaseema through Polavaram and his initiative accelerated Andhra growth on fast pace. 

The TDP Chief is also boasting  his government by  trumpeting his achievements which practically does not exists in the state for the last four years, at every public meeting and conferences with different communities. The hollowness of Chandrababu government was exposed with his dispensation failed in conducting the Panchayat Raj elections.  

The term of the existing elected local bodies are set to end on August 1st.  As per the Panchayat Raj act, the government will have to conduct elections before July 31 ensuring the newly elected bodies start functioning immediately.  Till now, Chandrababu neither took any decision on elections nor make alternative arrangements to run the panchayats.  

Chandrababu already put on hold the conduct of elections in many Municipal Corporations and the fresh case of postponement of Panchayat elections was a clear evidence that the TDP Chief feared his party will bite the dust if elections are held. He is frightened TDP's defeat in local body elections will adversely affect the party’s winning prospects.  It was the reason Chandrababu postponed pending elections indefinitely, Andhra leaders said.

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