Chandrababu to Hyderabad with KCR permission

Chandrababu rule depends on KCR Bail condition

Attempts to suppress with Police & Rowdy MLA’s

Anarchically oppressing newspapers & TV voice

 Hyderabad: The YSRCP spokesperson Ambati Rambabu criticized that Chandrababu is ruling the state shamelessly. He blamed that Chandrababu went to Hyderabad after three months with the permission of KCR. Ambati questioned as to what happened to those arguments of Chandrababu, who said that the moment he was arrested the KCR Government will crash, who demanded that Sec-8 should be enforced and who questioned how his phone can be tapped without his knowledge. Ambati asked Chandrababu to answer what made him leave his Secretariat L,H blocks and Lakeview Guest House for which he spent Rs.45 crores towards renovation.

Chandrababu came down to a disgraceful situation where he has to take KCR’s permission to step into Hyderabad. He is ruling AP with the bail condition granted by KCR and he does not have any right to talk about YS Jagan. The Central Minister Venkayya Naidu is mediating all this. Chandrababu is maintaining good relations with KCR only because of his Cash-for-Vote case, later he will attack KCR.

 Ambati said that Chandrababu is oppressing the voice of the media fearing that his corruption comes into light. Ambati questioned, ’Is it not true that Chandrababu is making papers to write favorably by paying hundreds of crores in benami transactions?’ Chandrababu and his son burnt their hands unable to run Studio N. Chandrababu even blocked NTv in 13 districts for some time because the channel is not favorable to him. Ambati said that like Chandrababu, YS Jagan did not establish benami channel.

The spokesperson said that the government is behaving very rudely on the Anganwadi ‘s fighting to fulfill their legal demands. The TDP MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar behaved very cruelly on the activists who came to express their grievances. The MLA abused and insulted the activists in such a pathetic manner which cannot be published in a newspaper…he told the activists that two bedroom’s will be constructed for them in which they can earn. Chandrababu supported Chintamaneni even in Vanajakshi matter.

 Ambati said that Chandrababu is trying to suppress the movement of the Anganwadi women by using Police department and rowdy MLA’s. The Police were stabbing the women with safety pins and paper pins, behaving cruelly while arresting the women. The Sub-Committee formed under supervision of Yanamala Ramakrishnudu assured that salaries will be revised but the assurance was not implemented. The Anganwadi is demanding a GO because the promises were not implemented till now.

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