Chandrababu is a gremlin

  • Chandrababu is a notorious jinx
  • Drought and Chandrababu are twins
  • Chicago University shut down before it can award him with doctorate
  • Hyderabad: It is widely rumoured that CM Chandrababu is a jinx. His evil eye is supposed to invite drought wherever he rules. There are records of companies that closely collaborate with him ultimately facing turmoil. Now this effect of his has crawled across continents. Chicago State University (CSU) that had tried to award him with doctorate degree shut down. Dr. Thomas J. Calhoun, the president of CSU announced last week that the university was going to be closed down due to lack of funding from the state.

    Chicago University is a world famous university in Chicago of Illinois State in USA. Chicago State University is a totally different not-very-famous university. The latter got ready to award doctorate to Chandrababu and got into an agreement with JNTU regarding this. News was spread that Chicago University was going to do him the honour. CSU stopped receiving any funds from Illinois Government or USA Government, as it did not satisfy the stipulated regulations. So the campus came to the level of being shut down. Now whether Babu has the doctorate degree or not is a mystery.

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