Chandrababu Devises 'High Tech Housing Scam' in Andhra

Chandrababu Naidu  has got ready to unfold another multi crore scam in the name of high tech housing scheme for poor in the state. 

Though the government did not possess any official figure about the total requirement of houses for poor,  the chief minister is moving fast to award works to the private companies and decided to adopt Shear Wall technology in the construction.  

Normally, the technology is being used for the construction of multi floor apartments. In this case, the CM decided to construct only two or three floor buildings.   Construction experts says Shear Wall technology is not viable for low rise buildings for which Aluminum centring is used to  erect walls and slabs. 

Astonishing all, government reportedly fixed Rs 2200 per a square feet in the construction of poor houses.  In the reality, it costs only Rs 900. 

Leaders said that Chandrababu has made the  promise of construction of 10 lakh houses at a meeting in Tirupati.  In another meeting, he announced his government will construct 4.50 lakh houses each in two phases. He also assured 1250 houses in the rural areas in every Assembly Constituency.  When it comes to urban housing, Chandrababu escalated estimations without any scientific study. To the worse, the TDP government  failed in achieving targets within the deadline in the housing programme.

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