Chandrababu Is To Be Credited

  • Chandrababu
    has multiplied the state’s debts by two
  • Babu
    runs the systems in the deficit way
  • People
    being burdened by his luxuries

Hyderabad: Chandrababu, who keeps bragging about his 30-year
experience in political field, has converted the state into a tornado of debts.
Spending crores and crores of money on luxuries and corrupt schemes, he is
giving a serious blow to the state’s financial system. Recently exposed numbers
establish this.

central Government calculated the financial conditions of both the states at
the time of bifurcation. AP was given a share of Rs. 97,123
crore in the debts. After Chandrababu had come to power with his 30-year
experience package, everybody expected him to bring this number down. But with
his intervention, debts have been growing day by day. The Government’s budget
books themselves revealed that the debts were Rs. 1,90,513 crore. This
demonstrates that the debts have now doubled. Chandrababu has borrowed
Rs.93,000 crore in just two years.

In the past too, the
financial position of the state had degraded under his rule. In a total
deteriorated condition, Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy took up charges as the CM and
reformed it in just two years. Deficit budget was slowly brought to become
surplus budget by 2006-07. The system introduced at that time was implemented
for eight years to come. Again, after the arrival of Chandrababu into the
scene, the system turned topsy-turvy. Just in two years of time, Rs.24,000
crore defict was shown. This proves the downfall of systems.

schemes like Pattiseema and mortgaging capital area to companies of Singapore
on one hand and special flights and foreign trips on the other hand are leading
to exceeding expenditure. As yellow leaders are showing their pocketing tactics
at every step, Government’s outflow is going on increasing. The ultimate result
is the people being burdened by these debts.

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