Chandrababu Arrogance Hits The Roof , TDP Leaders In Big Trouble

Post Nandyal Assembly by-election,Chandrababu Naidu has changed his style of functioning with double arrogance. He developed  a wrong impression within him that people gave  big mandate to the TDP recognising  the developmental and welfare schemes launched by his government. 

In the reality, the ruling Telugu Desam won the elections by luring and threatening the voters . The misuse of power in the election bound Nandyal constituency was palpable even before the Election Commission issued notification for the by-election. The reports confirmed that the TDP spent nearly Rs 200 crore in the form of distribution of money  to the voters and another Rs 1500 crore worth developmental works were taken up to allure the voters.  

Chandrababu also dumped all his cabinet colleagues in the campaign throwing the state administration to the winds. Besides, he segregated people on community basis and exploited the situation.  

Although people were aware of Chandrababu's political gimmicks in the election,  Chandrababu took the opportunity to harass his party men. He instructed his ministers, MPs and MLAs to consider Nandyal election management a role model and follow the suit in the 2019 elections.  The leaders were forced to adopt the techniques implemented in Nandyal by-election where Chandrababu resorted to exploitation of his power.  Leaders said they wondered Chandrababu claimed the victory because of his political acumen . Every one knew people voted TDP fearing they will lose government benefits availing. 
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