Chandrababu and his flipflops

Chandrababu’s flipflops on the issue of special package are proving to be a big comic relief for those seeking some free entertainment. But, for those who are serious about state’s progress and development, his actions are confusing to say the least.

He is leaving the people thoroughly confused. Initially, he rooted for special status. Then opted for special package. Then, he said both are the same. Later, he argued package was better than status. One one occasion, he slams the Centre for not giving special status. In the same breath, he says there would be no grants for Polavaram if AP demands special status. Now, he says he is ready for any sacrifice to get special status.

This is typical Chandrababu strategy to bide time and do nothing. The flipflop is not limited to special status alone. When the Centre asked him to give accounts for the funds allocated to it, he said the state will not give any account to anyone. 

On the same evening, he sent a 118 page note on the spending to Pawan Kalyan’s Fact Finding Committee. Due to all these, he is fast losing his credibility.

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