Chandrababu and his 'fake' statistics

Chandrababu is pastmaster in the art of figure fudging. He reels of statistics so glibly that people will have no time to think. Look at this. He says the national GDP is 7.1 per cent, but the AP GDP is 12.23 per cent. But, ask him to explain how GDP figure is achieved. He would fumble for words. 

The last three and a half year saga of Chandrababu rule is a story of unfulfilled promises. Loan waiver, DWCRA loan waiver, unemployed pension, capital construction… You name it, the government performance is a big zero.

But, the GSDP figures as per the Centre are: 12.12 per cent growth rate in 2014 had come down to 10.82 in 2015. In 2016, it further fell down to 10.82. If the GDP is growing, why is the growth rate falling? Also, Chandrababu’s figures do not tally with those of the Centre. 

Experts say, this clearly a case of figure fudging. But, the people know how to correct these figures and the time to do that is not far off.
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