Chandrababu acting as a monster..

The Leader of Opposition and the YSRCP President YS Jagan stated that Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is acting like a Monster, insted of a normal human being. He visited Tulluru mandal in capital area this morning. He met the farmers, whose crops were burnt by miscreants for offering to land pooling. 

Three days ago, unknown trouble makers burnt the sugarcane crop of farmer G Chandrasekhar. After meeting farmers, Jagan took strong objection to the “arm twisting tactics of chief minister Chandrababau Naidu to former the farmers giving up their land for the capital.”

” All the farmers who refused to give their lands to the land pooling are facing tough time. In the past 10 months 13 crop-burning incidents have taken place in the capital region. Police are refusing to book the cases when these farmers approached them. This is Jungle Raj,” he said adding that the Bihar people would be happy if they known that the real jungle raj existing in Andhra Pradesh.

Chandrababu given up all his human qualities and transformed in to a monster, Jagan criticized. Jagan categorically cautioned the government not to take the lands forcefully and take only those lands which were offered by the farmers. “Threatening the farmers who refuse to fall in line is not acceptable. Government ‘s agents are threatening the farmers of serious consequences. The burning of crops is done at the behest chief minister Naidu,” Jagan alleged.

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