Chandrababu is acting as Minister for External Affairs

As we know, it is a part of the duties of External affairs Minister to frequently visit different countries.  It is the chief responsibility of the Foreign Minister to represent the country and its government in the international community. However, apart from this Minister, no one in the Minister category, frequently visit other counties officially.Further, it also depends on the necessity and the situation demand where the Prime Minister or the President may go.

It is also a well known fact that the chief ministers  during their 5 years of reign, may visit foreign countries either one or two times which depends on the need of the state.

But, ironically, Chandrababu Naidu, who himself declared as Hi-tech chief Minister, is very fast at this aspect. Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has outrageously visited 5 times during his 10 months of rule. Which means it is once in every two months. He is not going alone but followed by his ministers and followers as a team.

As a part of his trip, Naidu has also taken the support of the journalists of Yellow media for a better coverage. To support them there are supporting systems to take care of the comforts of the Ministers and other officials.

A part from this, it is obvious that there is optimum facilities made available in those countries, however at the cost of AP government. The foreign trip details are declared as: 

Date                                                                      Country 

12th November – 14th November                       Singapore

24th November – 29th November                          Japan

20th January - 23rd January                                  Switzerland

29th March – 31st March                                        Singapore

12th April – 17th April                                             China 

Though the trip cost for the team is also spent by the AP Government, but there is no financial support given to farmers, Development of women and children in rural areas, to fulfill the medical emergency of under privileged people such as Arogya sree.  

Government says that there are no enough funds to provide pensions to support widows and elderly people. The citizen of the state is questioning the present government about these discrepancies.
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