Capital is only based on three points

Chandrababu Naidu's
conspiracies in the name of capital are opening out one by one. Under the
scheme of robbing the Capital and saving in Singapore, Naidu allowed the Singapore
companies to build the capital, is the talk. Following points are made clear projecting
the irregularities while looking at the master plan for the Capital: 

Mass propaganda was made that Amravati capital formation is taken care by
Singapore government in the Yellow media. Later, in the cabinet meeting held on
April 22nd it was shown technically in a different way. Further, it was shown
that Singapore State-owned companies are selected as Master developers in the
Master plan. Companies like Assendas, Sembs Corps are declared to take the
responsibility of Capital formation.  Firstly it was stated as Singapore government,
then State-owned companies and finally capital formation is given to the
private company.

2. Who
is responsible for the construction of capital is a big worry. In a cabinet meeting
held on April, 22nd it has been declared that an  agreement was made  in between the State government and Singapore
government. However, there is no proposal from any of the States. Now, the
companies Asendas, Sembs Corp from Singapore and CRTA from AP are getting ready
to get a combined contract.

3. Master developers are
responsible for providing minimum facilities in the Seed Capital. But, it is
said that government has to take responsibility for it. Also, the rights on the
land being allotted to private companies, will be solely on those Organizations
they are availing to exempt the stamp duties and other taxes. Further, the
government is giving full rights and surrendering the facilities to  the private companies to charge the service
tax. The private companies were demanding free land and stating that for any
other taxes they would not take responsibility.

Accordingly, this proves
that Naidu government means one and does something else. The advertising in
yellow media will not match with the agreement made in the Cabinet which would
not match with the way the things are done. Finally, nothing is matched.

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