Can Chandrababu Naidu be considered as human?

Anantapur: The opposition Leader, YSRCP President, fumed on the Government for not bothering about the protests done by the Municipal workers. During elections, lot of assurance was given, while after elections, nobody is even bothered said Jagan fumingly. Is Chandrababu a human? Questioned Jagan. He mentioned that 4 days time will be given to Government to take proper action on this issue, if it is not resolved, he is going to be a part of the band organized in the State, mentioned Jagan. Is Chandrababu Naidu able to see the workers who are in the strike for more than 14 days? Asked Jagan.

Jagan who is on the Farmers Assurance Yatra in Anantapur reacted to the strike by the Municipal workers. He mentioned that the party would support the Municipal workers act of conquering the corporate office of the Municipal officials.

TDP Government assured that the jobs on Contracts, Out sourcing jobs and various other jobs will be made permanent before elections but now, no one is bothered. Is is fair on your part. Chandrababu Naidu said.

If the wages of the workers is increased, 200 -300 crores will be the burden on the Government. While the Government is neglecting the workers which is too dangerous, workers and their families are effected by even diseases. Spreading red carpets to the Singapore team, why is not Babu bothered about the problems faced by workers? Questioned Jagan.

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