Babu enjoys the house gifted by the encroacher

  • Lands of the poor engulfed in the estate
  • Proof documents with a famous newspaper
  • 300 acres of encroached land of worth Rs.1500 crore
  • Estate skipped from acquisition
  • Capital’s border just metres away from the estate boundary
  •  Lingamaneni Ramesh is now notorious as the friend of Chandrababu who swallowed the lands of the poor in the capital area. He is an encroacher and binami of Babu. He is not only the owner of Air Costa aeroplanes but also the tactful player who illegally built a palace-like construction on River Krishna. Giving away that costly residence to Chandrababu proves his loyalty.

    He managed to occupy over 300 acres of worthy land by Guntur-Vijayawada highway and set up a boundary wall around the unjustly-earned estate. The capital’s boundary being fixed only metres away from the boundary of his estate proves his influence.

     More and more accounts of land robbery are seeing light in capital Amaravathi. Another instance of the relationship between Lingamaneni Ramesh and CM Chandrababu is uncovered. Babu’s partial behavior is obvious when it comes to dealing with poor farmers and binamis. Babu collected useful agriculture lands from poor farmers under Government’s land acquisition but exempted Lingamaneni estate near Nidamarru from this. In exchange, Lingamaneni Ramesh gifted CM Chandrababu with the beautiful house constructed on encroached Krishna basin to be used as guesthouse. Occupation of 300 acres of land by Lingamaneni in the name of estate was totally ignored by Babu.

     Chandrababu’s power to shield his friend

     Occupying 300 acres of land around Kaza village in Guntur district, Lingamaneni managed to get signatures of farmers on stamp papers by threatening or luring them. Then he filled the empty stamp papers with whatever he wanted and with the help of revenue and registration departments got lands of worth Rs.1500 crore registered to his name. Just before the announcement of the capital, he bundled all these 300 acres into an estate. He also installed CC cameras, security staff, check posts and other measures of security system in his estate. He arranged for modification of his estate into real estate venture.

    Now this property costs Rs.5 crore per acre. As some of the farmers in Kaza village had documents revealing a 99-year lease agreement, Ligamaneni’s encroachment saw light. It is an added detail that Haailand pocketed by Lokesh is just adjacent to this estate. As the villagers tried to locate the lands they had leased, this estate surfaced.

     Perfect proofs with the poor villagers

     Victimized farmers stated that their leased lands were in the hands of Lingamaneni Ramesh and thatthey had proofs to this. But they were worried to state they had no possibility to even have a look at them, given the security system and threatening private army of Lingamaneni in place. The complaints given to revenue and police officials went in vain too, due to Chandrababu’s support with Lingamaneni. Victims reported that 300 acres under survey numbers 191, 192 and 226 were simply occupied by the Lingamaneni group. After a famous newspaper reported about the land mafia in capital area, victims started walking into its doors with their sale documents. This exposed Lingamaneni’s illegal encroachment further.

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