Babu came to power.... Water became invisible

Drought and Chandrababu are Twins
As Babu came to power.... Rain God disappeared
Reservoirs went to dead storage.

Hyderabad: As Babu came to power, not only people but also reservoirs started filling their eyes with tears. Drought and Chandrababu together as Twins are making the farmer cry. Whenever, Naidu came to power, even the Rain God is not in a mood to come. It has been never before the Srisailam project came to dead storage. Forget about the cultivation, there is no option at least for drinking water. Being aware about the situations faced by public, still Naidu is trying to mislead public. He is misleading the people of Rayalaseema about giving proper water supply.

People are struggling hard without water:
As of now, by September, it is expected that the reservoir to be full of water, but present situations are quite against it. Unless the Krishna river is with full of energy at the top, there is no possibility of water. Currently, the Nelam Sanjiva reddy Dam is only with 794.5 feet water level. Which means 26.5381 TMC water is in the storage. Every year, by September, lakhs of TMC's of water is expected to come to this Reservoir. But, because of Chandrababu, the water levels are continuously depleting. According to the act of High Court, the minimum water level of the project has to be saved... but, Babu is no way bothered about them.

Worse situations!
People are eagerly waiting and hoping for heavy rains so that the reservoirs are filled with water. If not, they had to face very tough situation is what they assume. Because the rains are not according to the expectations, the Kharif crop was already kept a side. There was no proper drinking water facilities. At least by now, if the rains are continuously supporting, at least the farmers can survive. If not there would be still worst situations to be faced.
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