Assistance Assured On Behalf Of YSRCP

YSR District: Leader of opposition and
YSRCP president YS Jagan condemned the way the Government was behaving towards
farmers. He slammed the Government for not implementing the announced welfare
schemes and plans. He specified that the Government had announced Rs.5 lakh ex gratia
to the families of the farmers who had committed suicide but had never put it
into practice.

The Government had announced an ex gratia
of only Rs.1,50,000 for the family of Mohan Reddy, a farmer of
Siddhareddygaripalle who had committed suicide due to mounted debts. The
officials spent Rs.50,000 to clear the debts of the farmer and kept the rest of
the amount with them. The Government’s compensation is supposed to take care of
the family. But not one rupee had been given to the family of Mohan Reddy. YS
Jagan expressed his disapproval towards this. He opined that the rulers could
earn place in the people’s hearts only if they worked with an aim of standing
by the people. He talked to the family of Mohan Reddy and assured them his

Mohan Reddy’s wife Kalavathi informed YS
Jagan that her husband Lomada Mohan Reddy owned 3 acres of land. They had sowed
for peanuts and lemon. There had been no groundwater in spite of digging ten
bore wells. They had taken a debt of around Rs.10 lakh. Not being able to clear
pay the debts, Mohan Reddy had committed suicide by ingesting insecticides. They
had a daughter studying in grade 10.

YS Jagan heard the story and found out the
situation of their debts. Kalavathi revealed to him that they were indebted to
society bank for Rs.1 lakh and to grameena bank for Rs.80,000. Upon the leader’s
inquiring, she told him that the loans had not been waived. She further informed
him that there were Rs.80,000 of gold loan and Rs.30,000 of DWCRA loan and
neither had they been waived. She stated that the officials had informed them
that Rs.1,50,000 ex gratia would be issued. Rs.5000 of it had been given to
each of their lenders, thus spending Rs.50,000. The rest Rs.1,00,000 was
promised to be given for the education of their daughter and nothing had been
handed over to the family.

YS Jagan was surprised to hear that the
promised ex gratia of Rs.5 lakh had been cut down. He assured her that he would
assist her on behalf of the party and sponsor the education of their daughter. Mohan
Reddy’s daughter who is in grade 10 requested YS Jagan to help her get a seat
in IIIT. YS Jagan replied that the number of seats in IIIT came down now but
encouraged her and assured her that she could go to a good college if she
excelled in education, as seats in IIIT were filled basing on performance in

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