Are you creating troubles for Kapu Community?

No one knows better how to use people before
elections and how to get rid of them after. Recently his behavior with Kapu
Community is proving the same thing once again.

Before elections, Chandrababu Naidu made promises
that a Kapu will be made as Deputy Chief Minister and that within six months
reservation will be provided to the community. He assured that a Corporation
will be set up for the welfare of the community. With these promises he grabbed
the votes of the community and after elections one after the other all the
promises were slowly ignored or delayed.

The Kapu Community was seriously disappointed as
none of the promise was fulfilled, there is no mention of reservation, no
funds! In the meanwhile news about Chandrababu’s involvement in Vangaveeti
Ranga’s murder and with spreading news that reservation category for Kapu’s was
kept aside, the Kapu community started abusing Chandrababu Naidu publicly. With
these latest developments Chandrababu started his way of politics.

He announced that to examine Kapu Reservation a
Commission will be formed. This announcement of commission means that a Retired
Judge will be called to study the possibilities which will eventually take 2-3
years for examination & study. With this tactics he will delay the process
by making timely statements that he is sincere in his efforts to fulfill his Reservation

He said that a Corporation will
be set up for Kapu’s but a TDP leader was given a position in Krishna District.
In the name of this Corporation employment opportunity for Telugu Brothers is
opened. From Kapu Community Nimmakayala Chinarajappa was appointed as Deputy CM
& Home Minister but everyone knows that Chief Minister Office is directly
dealing with DGP and Police Department without giving any importance to the
Home Minister.

The word is very strong that
Chandrababu has used the Kapu Community before elections and is now trying to
get rid of them.

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