Another Big Blow To Chandrababu Govt

Andhra Pradesh State government  had received another big  blow. The High Court has instructed the government to take up fresh tender process for the sale of Sadavrthi lands and complete the sales in six week time.   The verdict poured cold water on Chandrababu's plans.    Chandrababu had prepared schemes to give away the costly lands at throwaway prices to those in his coterie.
After the  YSR Congress MLA from Mangalagiri Assembly Constituency  Alla Rama Krishna Reddy deposited  Rs 27.44 crore to the Endowment department as base price  for the purchase of lands owned by Sadavarthi Satram, High court stopped the government from the sale of lands at throw away prices.  The YSRCP is happy with the High Court verdict.
The court asked the government to sell the lands more than the base price deposited by  YSR Congress MLA. If no response come, the lands should be handed over to the Rama Krishna.       
 The YSR Congress MLA recently approached  High Court challenging the Chief Minister  N Chandrababu Naidu's  order to sell the lands at throw away prices to his close aides . The government had fixed Rs  26 lakh price per acre. Whereas the Endowment department recommended the government to sell the land not less than Rs 7 crore per acre as the land cost skyrocketed in the area.
The High Court  admitted the Reddy's petition and instructed the government stop the sale of land at the government price fixed by Naidu.  The court also permitted YSR Congress MLA to buy the land at market price. On the court directions,  Reddy deposited Rs 27.44 crore in Endowment department.
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