Anger of people on Land business

Rising anger of people

Government moving ahead adamantly

Oppositions and public revolting against the Government

Guntur & Vijayawada: People in the proposed Capital are bruising with anger and protesting against the Government on the release of the notification of land acquisition. To protest against the Government, on  a large scale, opposition parties, public associations, farmer associations, are being prepared.

Anger of people: On knowing about the issue of the land acquisition notification, the people in Guntur and Vijayawada have started protesting against the government. The public associations, farmers, labour, peasants, AP farmers association, Agricultural associations, and others protested near the CRDA Office of the Commissioner, Vijayawada under the guidance of the Joint Action Committee. The people in the 29 villages protested by displaying the fruits and vegetables grown in those villages. They demanded that the Minister should give his property for the construction of the capital. 

The adamant government: The government is showing its vengeance on the farmers who are unwilling to given their lands. In reality 33 thousand acres of land is there. It is also known that the Government is only focused in grabbing the land and giving it to Singapore team as promised. As the notification with respect to this will be issued at the month end, plans are made in such a way to complete the work of grabbing and robbing the lands of people. 

Activities of Concern: The opposition parties, public associations, farmers associations, and others are moving forward together against the actions of Government. Agitations and protests and other activities against government are planned in phases.  On Sunday, road on the Prakasam barriage will be blocked. On Monday, roundup of the CRDA office, and on the same day, public meeting is planned. Planned for a bandh on Tuesday, in villages of  nidamarru, betapudi, Undavalli, penumaka, Tadepalli and other villages which are affected by the land acquisition program. On Wednesday, 26th August, in CRDA Office, Vijayawada, strike and Deeksha were planned, where there is a chance that the Leader of Opposition YS Jagan would also be a part. Plans were made based on the discussions between the YSRCP leaders Marri Rajasekhar, Ambati Rambabu, Janga Krishnamurthy, Kavadi Manohar Nayaudu and other parties.

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